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Just finished reading (actually audio book) Anne Rice's Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt and now am listening to the sequel Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana. Interesting concept of Jesus as an historical fiction character. I really liked the first one which depicts Jesus as 7-8 year old boy discovering the secret of his divinity. I was a little surprised that the second takes place so much later (about the time the Gospels pick up his life again) as I was thinking it would cover more of the “missing years”. Also reading James Campbell's  The Anglo-Saxons which is a bit dry after listening to Jamie's podcasts but gets into a bit of the hard scholarship/archeology behind the theories about them. Of course, it is a bit dated, as there has been so much subsequent archeology since the book was published in the early 80's.Just start listening to audio book of Thomas B. Costain's The Conquering Family. No thought on this yet except they couldn't have picked a more "British" narrator. His voice makes you think that Victoria will walk in at any second for afternoon tea.