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Love these types of threads; always something interesting to pick up on!I've got a bit of a fascination with historical naval fiction at the moment and have been making my way through a series of series (yep, I just did that) by some cracking authors:David Donachie writes about John Pearce (first book is called "By the Mast Divided"). Set in the early 1790s, Pearce is a gentleman (of sorts) who gets "pressed" into the Royal Navy and the series tells his story as he fights the French, his Captain, his mess-mates and those that stand in the way of justice! 10 books in the series at the moment, I'm up to the 4th.Sean Thomas Russell writes about Charles Hayden (first is called "Under Enemy Colours"). Hayden is half English/half French but of a Naval family so is at home in the RN. A bit more of a "standard" series - there isn't anything that truly differentiates this from some of the classic Naval fiction characters like Hornblower or Bolitho. Still a very good read though. 3 books in the series so far and I've read them all.Other authors worth checking out are Jay Worrall and Dewie Lambie.If historical naval fiction is your thing, I recommend heading to - a very thorough and regularly updated website on that specific topic. A great resource.Naval fiction aside, I'm about to pick up "The Norman Conquest" by Marc Morris (something a little closer to where Jamie is at in the podcast!). I've not turned a page yet but will follow up if anyone is interested later.