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jessaminnie - You asked me to let you know when my friend's book is available to buy. It's now on  For the moment, it's only available in paperback but he's working on an e-book version that should be ready soon.It's called : "Conall: Rinn-Iru (The Place of Blood)" by David H. MillarI'm also working my way slowly through the Outlander series...I've made it to "Drums of Autumn" but I keep falling asleep when I start reading.  I must be getting old, I used to read to wake up in the morning, now I wake up with the book falling on the floor!Susan

Thanks for remembering!  I'm going to go toss that onto my Wish List so I don't forget!  :)I've been re-reading Outlander, too -- except on audiobook.  I put it on while I'm doing my data entry at work and sometimes when I'm driving (without husband) in the car.  I try to read at night, but I keep dropping the book...  I'm glad eReaders keep your place!  I'd hate to keep dropping a paper book, only to lose my place over and over and over again.  Been there, done that!