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Chris!  I was just about to post something separate about British historical films. ;)  I'm not sure if it should be separate or not.But, point of fact, "The Third Man" is not only my favorite British film, but is pretty much my favorite film in general.  I was going to bring up "Elizabeth" as well, since I quite liked it.  I hated it's sequel, which turned Bess into a simpering teenager having these violent mood swings over Raleigh while hysterically demonizing the Spanish."Zulu" is wonderful, despite how complex the politics of it are. "Sleuth""Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead""Atonement""Blow Up""Gosford Park""Henry V"Polanski's "Macbeth""28 Days Later""Life of Brian""Master and Commander" (another top 10 ever)Okay, I need to stop.  I'm a film geek as well, so I can go on.  What about TV series?  And a separate thing for best film from British history?