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Jessamine, I too like Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and I can't believe I didn't add any Bond films: Sean Connery – Goldfinger; Roger Moore – The Man with the Golden Gun; Daniel Craig – Casino Royale are my favourites.Drew, I haven't seen Tinker, Taylor.... yet, it's on our rental list though and I am really looking forward to it. Regarding the poll and list of favourite British historical movies etc., maybe that should be included in a separate topic as they are dealing solely with historical based movies and not general selections from all periods covered here in this thread. The new topic could include the poll there.Colin Firth is an amazing actor, the aforementioned King's Speech is probably his best film but I also liked him in the aforementioned Shakespear in Love and yes, Bridget Jones is entertaining too. I reckon Pride and Prejudice should go my tv list because that is quintessential period drama viewing.My favourite Potter movie is also easily Azkaban, better by far and darker than the rest.And as for Nic Cage, he doesn't really make good movies so I agree with you both on that one, his version of the Wicker Man was crap.