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Chris:  The poll idea sounds fantastic.  So should we create a separate thread or just make an addendum to this?  I'm so awful with forums. (this is one of the first I've ever hung out on regularly)Also, I've never been the biggest fan of Miss Knightley either.  Mr. McAvoy however is always fantastic.I also somehow managed to omit the recent remake of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  What a cast and so well-made.I'll set up a new thread for Favorite British TV series.  I can go ahead and say that I'm Alan Partridge will be HIGH on this list.Jessaminnie:  I'm with you on a lot of the Hugh Grant films.  And Colin Firth.  Firth, especially, always gives such tremendous performances, even in smaller roles (see above, Tinker, Tailor, etc.)  Big fan of Bond as well.  I used to impress (?) people by naming all of the canon flicks in order.  I guess it's impressive or just nerdy, either/or. :)And my favorite of the Harry Potters is "Azkaban" ;)Mence:  I'm with you totally on "Wicker Man" and the horror that was the Cage remake.  And now I'm wandering over to Michael Powell territory and thinking of "Peeping Tom"