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I confess to being a fan. But in its early years especially, it raised some considerable division in the archaeological field from those who felt that 3 day digs were not really an appropriate way to investigate historical sites. It is interesting to see how over the years (and I am a veteren of series 1) more statuatory bodies such as English heritage and county archaeological organisations are now using them to investigate sites which otherwise would have lain uninvestigated (due to financial or resource problems) – I guess this is a recognition that they have proved their worth and have done a great deal to popularise history and archaeology with the general public.My favourite episode - the one where they are called in to investigate a rich collection of archaeological finds, which suddenly goes very wrong when they find a pre-medieval sword (can't remember exactly what) lying on top of a strand of barbed wire! Suddenly the whole concept of the site changes as it begins to dawn on the team that there is something very fishy going on.Is it all one big hoax?