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I must admit to having been a bit of a fan. I get to watch re-runs from time to time and record them, or a whole series, when they are shown. Some are better than others and we all have our favourite periods of British history. I love watching the Roman digs simply because they (usually, but not always) find plenty of evidence in the ground to support or disprove their theories. There is so much Roman occupation evidence spread across the country.I also like prehistoric Britain where they find evidence of round-house occupation (well, they find post holes that suggest round houses were there) and anything Anglo-Saxon, which are recurring projects for the show.Oh, and of course, it just wouldn't be the same without Baldrick at the helm.I like Phil Harding of Wessex Archaeology because of his colourful character and the passion he has for archaeology......and how he gets to try out all the experiments from making pottery to metal working and drinking the odd mead or two  :o