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Well, I have just watched the episode and what a doozy it is. The finds, although genuine and from probably many different sites combined, are all scattered over this site. The best bits are:1. The fake neolithic tomb and megalith stone that is only a few inches deep and in the middle of a trackway, a trackway that only appears on much later maps so it's not ancient.2. The Roman coins: two coins cleaned prior to going in the ground (again) with gouge marks on them; another that had broken at some point and been glued back again (this is where Guy de la Bédoyère does his bit....brilliant!)   and yes it does get better3. The sword (that Peter mentions previously) is a La Tène culture sword most likely from La Tène itself dating from around 150 - 250 BC but it is lying on top of barbed wire that is no older than 20 years. They found out it was all a hoax but they still had a good time although Carenza was really annoyed about the sword, and who can blame her.Unfortuantely, the episode cannot be embedded due to restrictions so here's a link to the episode instead: