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You should have Englishcast ;D

The majority has so far focused on the land that is present-day England with the odd exception here and there, hence the need for the Scotcast to fill in some much needed details there, so really something like Englishcast is something we already have. Saying that, however, is not strictly true as the peoples inhabiting the island at least up to 550-600CE (and later still) were still speaking brythonic languages (the British language was celtic such as Cumbric, Welsh and Cornish etc. (with Pictish in Scotland and Goidelic in Ireland) so really it would be called Britcast.....maybe. The English language comes in with the Anglo-Saxons; Old English, a Germanic language, eventually becomes the most dominant language upon the divergence of the brythonic languages. Theoretically, this would then be a period for Englishcast.If you haven't already guessed Jamie, I'm still plugging the whole brythonic languages members episode/s  ;)