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I'm going to call the story Psuedo-Summation? Basically you have Nuclear Viking Family lead by Ragnok. Ragnok is a farmer / part time Viking, under a Jarl. Every year the Jarl picks where to send the boats for raiding. Due to navigational tools being damn near nill, he yearly picks Russia and the Balkans. Ragnok there has bigger dreams and has gained access to a crude sunboard that shows due west, and a crystal to magnify and show the sun even on cloudy days to keep it working. partnering with a weird ass boat builder friend named Loki (after the god, not a substitute. ) work to make a bigger, better ship. Ragnok's dream seems to be sail west to the believed to be real lands out there, England. (WHY they didn't use Britainia or Brittany or anything like it is beyond me) and raid the ever loving crap out of it in defiance of the Jarl.