Re: Re: Vikings



The Vikings show was interesting at first, and then I heard Jamie's righteous rant and started looking up the actual history.How hard was it to have the first raid done by the Norse.  It could have been easy to incorporate it, flashback for a minute, and then stick Ragnar et al. at bit later.  So that was a bit frustrating.  I could have written the script in an hour for the intro and then launched something closer to the real timelines.But then, looking for something to watch on my stationary bike, I kept going.  Lagertha is a "Buffy" or "Veronica Mars" strong feminine lead, with lots more stabbing.  She steals many a scene.  Supermodels slopping hogs is pretty funny.  In my made up theory on why Scandinavian women are legendarily beautiful (married a Dane), its because the raiders brought home the best looking from all over the world.  The part I do like is the number of shield maidens.  Archeology is discovering that there were shield maidens getting killed in England.If you get away from worrying about the exact timelines, and suspend your disbelief a bit, its worth watching.