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I was really hoping to discuss this with other members, otherwise I would have just sent you e-mail.  Well, maybe if we argue, it will get others to chime in  ;)>The reason why I said that Rollo was The Rollo was because Clive Standen, the guy playing Rollo, talked>about this ...I stand corrected and apologize for my remarks then.  And Mr. Standen is making crazy talk.  But it does back my expectation going into it that the show was inspired by history and was not actual history.As far as corporate political shenanigans, I never experienced it myself, but I have seen others go through it.  But, at least in the corporate world, it just ends in career death, not actual death.And I never said that the Earl was a good leader or did his job well.  It is just that I could see his motivation and what he was trying to do.  Obviously, by the time that we see him, the Earl was not a good leader and didn't do his job well and that point was made by the people of the village being glad to see him gone.Another topic - I disagree with Jim on the Ragnar defeating the Earl making the episodes preceding it pointless (or however he phrased it).  The early episodes established the character of Ragnar.  Perhaps the Earl was clever and ambitious like Ragnar when he became leader and then slowly became the poor leader we, the viewers, see as he became less sure of himself and insecure about maintaining his power, but, since we only see the Earl towards the end of his life, we don't know.  If Vikings had started after or when Ragnar rose to power, the viewer would not know what he was like before and see how power changes him.  Compare Ragnar's relationship with Lagertha at the beginning of the series to it at the end.  At the end of the first season, he is different in many ways from how he was at the beginning.Another topic - I think the show would have been a lot better if it had tried to get the history right.  As I understand it, a lot of the story of the Viking invasion of England is not well documented, so I think that the Vikings showrunner and writers could have come up with a story with most of the elements that they had but that also correctly lined up with the historical facts that we know.  That would have made the whole thing more compelling to me.alan