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I started this thread, but I wasn't able to watch 'Vikings' until the marathon on the History Channel this week.  I DVR'ed them all and spent the late afternoon/evening watching them all (while working).Over the course of the Members Only podcasts about Vikings, Jamie and Jim become very negative about it.  I didn't think it was that bad.  I didn't think it was that great either.  I thought it was passable entertainment.  The thing is, unlike Jamie, I was expecting history-inspired fiction, not actual history.I had listened to the Vikings podcasts when they were initially posted.  I started to listen to them again before I watched the episode, but decided to just watch them and listen to the podcasts again afterward.  As I was watching, I remembered some of the things that they had said, but not much.  As I listened to the podcasts afterward, I could see many of the points that Jamie and Jim made, but I disagreed with a lot of them.I didn't see Gabriel Byrne's character as a mustache twirling bad guy.  I saw him as a former great warrior who got into a comfortably position that he was very insecure about losing.  An insecure boss at the top of the (local) heap wouldn't want an ambitious, strong #2 like Ragnar.  I imagine that there were a lot of guys like Ragnar that the Earl had taken care of before they could become strong enough to take him on.And maybe Jamie should have spent some (more?) time working in the corporation world to learn that sometimes one is given permission to do something just to see if that person is smart/loyal enough not to do it anyway.I saw Rollo as honestly torn between his desire for glory and plunder and to get out of the shadow of his brother, and his affection for his brother.  He almost always played things wrong, but he was trying to show that he could play the game as well as his brother. Speaking of Rollo, at no point did I think that Ragnar's brother Rollo was THE Rollo.  He is just another guy named Rollo.Are there inconsistencies in the story?  Hell, yeah.  Did they get the history right?  I don't think they really even tried.  But, there was enough entertainment in it for me to watch all of the episode in succession and not think it a chore, even if it didn't pull me in to be anxious for the next episode like I was with "Breaking Bad" or "Mad Men" (which I binged on in January).That's my take.alan