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“However, maybe, just maybe, down the road some kid will watch these shows and say, “hey, seems interesting. Let me study it more.” And then they come to a forum like this and rant and rave for an hour, whereupon we pat him/her on the back and say “welcome to the club.”Agreed! This actually happened to me when I was a kid. I loved the Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon (which obviously is not accurate in any way!) and it made me go to the library and check out kids books on the Inca to see what they were really like. Then I realized the library had books about other historical things, and I started reading about ancient Egypt, and so on. As a kid, I never thought that the show was supposed to be historically accurate, even though I knew it was based on history. It was a tv show. The 80s was full of the historifantastical media, and I ate it up, but I never thought Excalibur was supposed to be based on any sort of reality, and I had the curiosity to go in search of real sources. History nerds like us watch a show like Vikings and cringe because oh no! now people will think X or Y! But laypeople don't watch this stuff with the same eyes that we do. They won't notice details and remember them. They'll just remember the big picture and will hopefully keep investigating.That said, it makes me so sad that more effort wasn't put into Vikings to make it appeal to nerds. They could have such a bigger audience if they put in more research and thought.