Re: Re: Vikings



See, at the end of the day, these are businesses, and as such need to generate (ad) revenue. How to do that? Appeal to the lowest common denominator (do I really need to point you to TLC's Honey Boo Boo??)Basically what we have here between Vikings, Rome, Tudors, Spartacus etc. is the commercialization of "history" (using that word VERY broadly) and for those of us who have dedicated years to its study, these presentations are maddening. However, maybe, just maybe, down the road some kid will watch these shows and say, "hey, seems interesting. Let me study it more." And then they come to a forum like this and rant and rave for an hour, whereupon we pat him/her on the back and say "welcome to the club."Personally, one of the few modern historical series that seemed even somewhat correct was Band of Brothers, and perhaps we all want to have more shows like that...but I bet it was a fluke that the show hit both the "entertaining" and "historically accurate" parts of the picture. Then again, maybe I'm trying to force some rose-tinted glasses on these historigraphic debacles.