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My interests outside of history are music Celtic languages and travelling.

Hi Veronica, looks like we share the same interests. I love travelling when I can afford it and I always have a few hundred songs with me whenever I do but I am curious, what is it about the Celtic languages that you find interesting. I am fascinated how they came about, how they developed and how we still have Welsh, Irish Gaelic and Breton surviving to this day in relatively large numbers including the lesser spoken Manx, Scottish Gaelic and Cornish. I keep meaning to learn more about these languages (and I suggested to Jamie if he would consider doing a members only podcast on this in more detail expanding on what he has previously mentioned) and never seem to find the time to. If I was actually any good at learning a different language I would even try and attempt to learn some of the basics of Welsh or possibly Cornish but they are seriously difficult.

That's pretty exciting that you're from Staffordshire.  If I were living there, I think I'd be out with a metal detector every day.  ;)

I have learned recently that a friend of mine from work has started metal detecting and is loving every minute of it. I think everyone in the society (can't remember the name) is searching for the next big Staffordshire hoard.