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Let's see – not sure what draws you to this forum and to Twitter, but . . . If it's PodCasts that you like, the History of the English Language ( covers the development of the English language over roughly the same time period as the British History Podcast.  On Twitter, you can follow the History of the English Language podcast at @englishhistpod.  If you like British humor, try following Very British Problems at @SoVeryBritish and Why My Cat Is Sad at @SoVeryBritish.If you like random and interesting information about the English language, in addition to @englishhistpod, try ANDC (Audtrlian) at @ozworders, Oxford Dictionaries at @OxfordWords and Merriam-Webster at @MerriamWebster.If you like pretty pictures of Scotland and want to daydream about going there on vacation, try @VisitScotland, @ScotlandNow, @welovehistory (Historic Scotland) and @Scotland. I assume Ireland and all of the Great British  countries have similar twitter handles, but haven't looked into it. I love Twitter and would love to know what you end up finding.Julie