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The game is now out, and I am pretty confident that it is going to be the best strategy game this year. The campaigns are fun, the environments are varied and beautiful, and the steam workshop support works excellently with it. They've made a book to accompany the game, and they even translated names of certain units and cities into latin! The one real flaw i can fin in it however is that the latin in the game is not consistent or well translated verbally. The voice actors for the campaign pronounce some latin words in a way that is not ecclesiastical nor church pronunciation, and not all of the province names or city names are in latin, for instance “Arse” (and no, I'm not joking), A city in Hispania, is definitively not translate into latin, seeing how there are no common latin ending attached to it. In my mind, if they were going to translate some units or cities into latin, then they should have brought in a latinist to fully translate the city and maybe the rest of the game as well into latin. However, the attempt they've made is satisfactory enough for the time being, and I love the game either way.