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Absolutely. Its very simple so I'd encourage anyone to try it out.For 1gallon. (just multiply up for bigger quantities)Pure Malt extract syrup - 8oz (or 6oz Spray Malt) I just get a jar of malt extract from a whole foods/herbalist shopPure Honey - 1Lb jar.Cracked Crystal Malt Grains - 1ozTo get the yeast started:-1tsp strong brewed tea3 tsp of lemon juiceall in a sterile pint glass nearly ful of cooled pre boiled water.A packet of decent ale yeastBoil 5 pints of water in a pot, add the malt extract, stir til dissolved then add crystal malt grains. Simmer for 15mins then add honey and stir until disolved then simmer for 10 mins more. Allow to cool before straining and putting into demijon. Make up to 7 pints with cold water and then add yeast starter pint. Leave in the airing cupboard (or somewhere reasonably warm) for about a week or so until fermentation ceases. Bottle in strong bottles, primed with 1 tsp of sugar (to give a bit of fiz).Perhaps controversial advice, but I prefer mine served Chilled.Why no hops? Well the book I have said that hops didn't come into brewing in the British Isles until the middle ages, when Flemish and Dutch immigrants brought the addition of hops to beer with them to England.