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Here in Canada, the War of 1812 anniversary is a HUGE big deal – it is as close as Canada gets to a war of independence.  The quote from President Madison that winning the war “would be a mere matter of marching” has been endlessly repeated hereabouts of late.  The 200th anniversary of the start of the war was last month, and there are events planned over the next year or two to mark various battles and anniversaries.  Much of the action took place in the Niagara peninsula just SW of Toronto, so if you have ever thought about visiting, this summer or next summer would be a great time to come see.  The best book I have read on the subject is J Mackay Hitsman's "The Incredible War of 1812, a military history".  It was updated and republished in 1999, by RBS in Toronto.  Lambert's views as per podcast quoted above seemed a tad slanted to me - he goes out of his way to minimize the significance of the conflict and the various battles involved (strange way to sell a book!).  In the context of European history he is no doubt right, however in the context of north American history he is of course dead wrong.  Feels a bit like Jamie's balancing act with telling the story of Roman Britannia within the context of larger Roman history.  Jamie did a much better and more balanced and nuanced job!    Happy to post some pics and websites re various 1812 sites if anyone is interested.