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Brian: As a Canadian and a historian, I'd love to see some pics if you manage to make it out to the events! Out here in AB, the 1812 celebrations aren't very big. In fact I don't think there are any, which makes sense because the war wasn't fought out west! I'll be in Ottawa for Sept. but unable to make it south to Toronto-area, so if you get any pics please post them!Jessaminnie: Look on the bright side, at least you learn some of your history... in Canada we learn "Social Studies," which is basically geography, political science, anthropology, and history combined. In high school, it covers every country/continent of the world, excluding Canada. Most Canadians can't name more than three of our prime ministers!! Some even think we have a president! You have to go to University and take Canadian history to even learn there was a war in 1812.Mick: "The Americans think they won it, the Canadians think they won it, and we didn't know we fought it" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA ... very true!!! But the Canadians (with British help) did win the war of 1812... just so we're clear! ;)