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The English of 1012 is indecipherable to us. Will Shakespeare's English be equally indecipherable in, say, 2590?

Probably. I guess if the 1000 year rule is correct then most likely yes. The English that we speak today would have changed to the point that it will no longer be understandable as "Modern English" as we know it, especially with all the crazy new words that seem to be added the dictionary all the time and with slang and pronunciation who knows how common words today will sound in another 500 years!! I am looking forward to more episodes, especially ones where he discusses word-use making comparisons between, for instance, Sanskrit, Latic, Greek and (modern) English, not to mention when he speaks in Old English, which is something I would love to be able to do. Although Middle English was mostly incomprehensible there were words that did stand out as "familiar" but Old English is total gobbledygook to my untrained ears.  By the way, I mentioned the podcast in the 'Cool Podcasts' forum as we discussed via PM.