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I just listened to this post (extremely late to the party) and it is definitely one that I will listen to several times. I found the old English version absolutely fascinating for so many reasons. Fantastically done. Is the sentence melody accurate, do we know? I have a reason for being curious. First I found it extremely eerie, like totally "ghost on my grave" shivers. Then I realised it is because it sounds exactly like how I speak Norwegian, both sentence melody and pronunciation of consonants, and I have always hated listening to recordings of myself because of how I sound - an isolated dialect off the coast, and when we moved when I was small I kept the dialect and inevitably got teased for it - still am by people who really should know better (like my former boss), because the sentence melody carries over when I speak Swedish and is rather unique. So ok, once I knew why it was eerie (it sounded like a ghost of my middle school years coming to haunt me) I got over that and then I realised I actually understood quite a lot. Not all, but definitely somewhere around 25%. I did look up the text to check that I hadn't misheard or misinterpreted, but nope, those were my words too, not just how I speak. And not only do I recognize it in Norwegian, but also in English (I am, as you can probably see by the lack of googletranslateisms in this text, quite bilingual). And now I am completely astounded by how close these languages must have been for my, now, to feel this way, and the fact that I see it in this kind of dual perspective, my English language brain and my Norwegian language brain both kermit flailing wildly! to relisten, I think.