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A snow storm always gets me into movie mode.  So here's my response to The Vikings.This was the first time I watched The Vikings and I was really impressed with the details the director demanded.Here are some of them:The ships were replicas of Viking ships which had been dragged up from the bottom of a fjord and are now in a Norwegian museum.  Same for the Long House totems....except they weren't at the bottom of a fjord; but they were inspired by a museum display!Interestingly (to me, at least), an amphibian plane was used to shoot the boats in the fjord scenes.The clothing, at least that of the main characters, was designed from your Best-dressed Viking apparel as displayed in the  British Museum. Yes, even the oh-so-short shorts on Eric.And the horses were smaller than our present day horses.  They were rented from a zoo in Norway.OK, I'm a little picky about accuracy in historical movies, but I enjoyed watching the movie more just knowing it wasn't shot on a back-lot in Burbank.Oh yeah, and the 'running of the oars' scene was something that really had been done back in the day.