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Parents not wanting to be shown up is a constant facet in fairy tales too. I once read a theory that said the “evil step mothers” were a cleaned up version of children's actual “mothers.” It basically boiled down to more modern readers were a little squeamish about women wanting to kill their own young. Freud and all that loveliness. But it is hardly a new concept. You see it in Greek Myths all the time which is hardly surprising given the Ancient Greek tendency to not grow too attached to children due to high infant mortality rates which, in turn, lead to higher infant mortality rates… and then there were the Spartans which are a whole other can of worms…. What I find interesting is the fact that both of these cultures have this theme. I'm almost positive I've seen "Iron Shoes" before, but I'm unsure of where. Unfortunately, this is where my large amounts of Legend Books becomes a hindrance rather than a blessing.Speaking of turnips, it seems good things come from them. Although I don't know why... I'm not a fan.