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I only just caught this one today and found interesting and quite fun to listen to. I can't help but think that it is very similar to society in modern day.Let me briefly explain three points that are similar between the myth and modern day society:1. Sibling rivalry is probably one of the most common things in a modern day family where brothers and sisters are at each others throats and hate everything about their annoying, loudmouthed kin. 2. Using one's intelligence and skill in an attempt to get ahead and better oneself to become part of an elite (or win at something) shows plain old fashioned imagination and ingenuity, and depending on how it was achieved, underhandedness and cunning too, which is seen everywhere in modern society where people want to be better than their counterparts, especially in the workplace....that's just life. 3. Promiscuous relationships are commonplace today; bloke sleeps with girlfiend's sister etc. etc., we have all heard some agony aunt giving her two pence worth of knowledge to get to the roots of that old cookie.As people we might have changed a lot over the years but in the end we are still very much the same in some manners. I have probably got the wrong end of the stick on that one, what do you think? And yes, women warriors are pretty darn cool, especially if they seriously kick butt!!