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OK, I'll say it.WOMEN WARRIORS ROCK!!!Yes, the egalitarianism isn't exactly a hidden feature, but it is striking, nevertheless. It's damn good to hear an ancient myth with strong, respected, physical women at the heart - not as betrayers or simple seducers, either.It was also interesting that mother and daughter shared Setanta without (apparent) jealousy - and then let him go on to Auntie without protest. That sexual freedom doesn't seem to be a feature of most other mythologies I've heard of. The water elements I'm not so certain is as mysterious as you emphasize - any myth from an island culture is likely to have water feature as prominently in the mythical landscape as it does in the real one. Although that sulfurous pool is interesting.... are there such sulfur pools - and in caverns, yet - in the islands? What IS the significance of it?(One of those earlier reads-without-comment was mine, because I glanced in but hadn't listened to the podcast yet. So there.)