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Hi people!  I'm new here.  I have to say that I loved the myth episodes, and I think you do a great job of telling them, Jamie.  Love the evil cackle.  I am curious what source material you used for the myths.  I am not super familiar with Celtic mythology but I have read my fair share of Greek and Norse and know that the versions we are familiar with have been changed a lot through the years.  So the source you are using may be adding its own filter through which we are viewing Celtic culture.Also, the sulfury water in the cavern part reminds me of a common theme in mythology of going down into the underworld or some other deep dark place and undergoing an ordeal or rite of passage into adulthood - Think Luke facing the spectre of Darth Vader on Degoba in the Empire Strikes Back. :D This makes sense in the context of the story as Cuchulain has just finished his year and a day of training and then goes on to be champion.Besides the cool women warriors and open sexual morals, I also remarked on the emphasis on personal responsibility.  Cuchulain willingly takes on the burden of being the Hound and the Gatekeeper because it is his actions that have brought about the need for those positions to be filled.  I think that is awesome and to be admired!