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I really enjoyed episodes 1-5, all told. The history has been pretty good, and watching Alfred's kingdom through the eyes of a fictional character was a smart way to cover the period. I really thought to myself, “finally! A show that has a good story AND doesn't sacrifice the history!”But... I honestly feel like episode 6 just killed the entire series for me. I know the series is based on a book, but I feel like we're wading down into "Vikings" quality narrative here. Characters randomly come in and out of the episode, characters are acting inconsistently with previous episodes, and really it just feels like a whole different show than the one I've been watching. The whole "adventure" had an extremely tenuous connection to the narrative the first five episodes have been building, and really feels shoehorned in to get "conflict" to happen. Uhtred seems to have forgotten the previous four episodes and is acting as if he's just stepped foot in Wessex for the first time. I honestly feel like he should have been executed a few times now, and why Alfred and the Bishop keep giving him breaks is kind of beyond me. I get that he helped them in battle, but he's a completely unrepentant, disrespectful pagan who just completely fails to fit into their rules and society at all.