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For what it is worth, as an American who has made a trip every year to the UK, mostly to see family, and a few times with friends to show them the “highlights”, I think that a themed tour would probably be a better option.  Some ideas to consider:-Romans, perhaps hit Chester (Most in-tact Roman wall and a very charming town); Hadrian's Wall, Bath, and other locations with Roman history-Welsh-uprisings in the 1000s to 1500s - cover the castles of William I on the North Welsh coast, Aberswyth, St. David's, etc-Industrial Revolution:  Coal and Slate mines in Wales, Coal mines in/around Newcastle, Steel manufacturing in Sheffield, Linen and woolen mills in Lancashire/Greater Manchester/West Yorkshire/Shipbuilding/maritime history in Liverpool and Birkenhead-War of the Roses - cover the battlefields and Warwick castle (when I was there in 1995, they had a great display on the Kingmaker)-Vikings - visit the city of York and LindisfarneFrankly, anyone can book a tour and see the common tourist attractions, or even figure it out themselves, but to see the things that tie back to your podcasts would be very interesting, at least to me.