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It's not so much the difficulties of travelling around the UK, which is relatively simple with the rail links, buses and internal flights, it's about how long it can generally take to get somewhere by rail and even longer by coach if you are travelling more than a couple of hundred miles. Unless you are going from one major city to another by rail, for example London to Glasgow (which is simple as it is only one train), going to smaller locations could mean several changes and possible delays. Nearly every time I have travelled on trains (which is quite frequently) one or more have been delayed so this could make your journey longer and most have been overcrowded so always avoid public holiday periods. Going by coach can be much cheaper but also back breakingly slow. A journey from Eastbourne to Liverpool that should have taken 9 hours actually took 13 and a half hours because of motorway congestion. Just depends if you get a good day for travelling.Travelling shorter distances by road or rail is more practical than visiting a place in Northumberland and then another in Cornwall, in which case flying internally is better. Being attached to a reputable travel company is certainly the way to go but how much it would cost I have no idea. The UK isn't exactly cheap to get around but a trip is certainly do-able if it is well planned and thought out of where to go and what to see if doing it by time period as Jamie suggests. Plus, it would be pretty great to see and travel with you guys  :)