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I have a theory about number III. Based on some research I was doing recently, I think an expedition to Hibernia was not only considered, but actually happened. They probably came over during Agricola's northern campaign in the 70s AD either with a proxy army led by an exiled Irish King (they way the Normans did 1000 years later), or with an auxiliary force or with a couple of vexillations of a Legion.  They didn't hang about though so there isn't much evidence left of their arrival (or at least no one has ever looked for it. It was certainly Agricola's reported opinion that they could have taken Ireland with 1 legion (about 5000 men + auxiliaries), and he kept an exiled Irish King with him, pretending to be his ally with the view to one day using him as an excuse to invade. Strangely Agricola (or more likely Tacitus) seemed to think Ireland was "between Britain and Spain" and it would therefore link together the edges of the Empire very well. Perhaps in terms of trade routes it was, or else their geography was just really poor. Obviously, being Irish, I would surmise that the Romans got their asses kicked and were sent back to Britain never to return, because they were too scared.  :D