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Apart from football teams, Beer and curry houses, which tea is the best surely has to be one of the great English debates. As I sip my PG Tips this morning, I am fully aware that my brother would turn his nose up at it- insisting on Sainsburies Red Label - my sister likewise - Tetley all the way - and my father would despair of us all. he likes coffee in the morning. And that is just my family.....In short, you are never going to get the English to agree on that subject. I quite like Earl Grey, but only occasionally. there are 60 million other views to chose from over here. Incidentally there is a rather good podcast on tea as part of the History of the World in 100 objects. being the quintessential civilised and English, it turns out that a cup of tea is actually nothing of the sort. It comes from the other side of the World and has caused more bloody wars and human misery than you can shake a teaspoon at.Well, the bloody wars part - that is very English, naturally.... Listern and Enjoy.