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I have always loved a good cup of straight tea but have expanded as I have aged and love a mixture-particuarly Earl Grey and chai. What I have found incredibly entertaining working with so many genuine british people is how often during a work day someone will ask if I want a cup of tea. I am convinced my colleagues drink more tea then is healthy!! I have always had 2-3 cups per day but here they drink more tea than I drink water! and there is definately no consensus on what type everyone prefers!!

Apart from football teams, Beer and curry houses, which tea is the best surely has to be one of the great English debates. As I sip my PG Tips this morning, I am fully aware that my brother would turn his nose up at it- insisting on Sainsburies Red Label - my sister likewise - Tetley all the way - and my father would despair of us all. he likes coffee in the morning.

So true Rick!! Since moving to London I am a convert of the amazing Yorkshire Gold, I will be taking a few dozen boxes back when I have to move to Aus! But one of my girlfriends is addicted to PG tips so that she actually buys them from one particualr store in Melbourne, and if she stays overnight somehwere, she takes them with her!!!