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Take a look at the Bayeux Tapestry for less religious items… this link  - I typed in Dragon and got some great images.  Then Knight and look at the images associated with the poem 'Roberte the Devyll' - the griffons at the page top could be made into a tattoo on the forearm with each looking away then the space below and between them could be used to highlight another image/graphic.  You could also do Britannia - as she is the personification of England...a great set of images that could easily be rendered into body ink.  For example this could lend itself to a forearm easily: cool image - but with a gamer'sassociation is this one: down and you will see the sword and crown.Here is the more recent coin image:, a few examples.  Take your time, find a very good artist, both in the ink work,, and in the graphic design.  SPEND YOUR TIME ON THOSE TWO POINTS...the ink will then be the quality you want for the rest of your life.