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Actually, I've been reasonably impressed w/ the history education my kids have been getting in school.  There's not a lot of ancient history (6th and 7th grade covers ancient Mesopotamia through to Renaissance, and then they never see it again), and (perhaps understandably) there's a huge amount of US History (the Revolution was covered in depth in 5th grade, again in 8th grade, and then more briefly in 11th grade), but they do a pretty good job of engaging the kids.  In my eldest daughter's classes (currently in 11th grade), the last couple of years have put a lot of emphasis on current events, which, while not exactly history, they do relate it to history, and it makes it all more relevant to the kids.  I have to admit though, it makes me feel old to have my kid studying historical events (like the end of the Cold War) that hadn't even happened yet when I was in HS!