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I think that history is something we all start interested in, with kings, battles, castles, horses, drama etc, then school finds a special way to beat the interest out of us. If that hasn't completely killed the interest, the last sparks are usually put out in further/higher education. Kids just don't find it an easy  subject, and don't find it cool, and especially hate anything that seems old fashioned. Luckily I think that the spark can easily return. I was dreadful at history at school, but looking back that is actually because I had dreadful teachers and course materials.

I can relate to that. I was the same. I hated history at school simply because it was so boring. There never seemed to be any spark in the way it was presented and taught; very stagnant but not always the teachers fault as they had to then (and still do now) have to work within a remit and that usually involved a stilted syllabus that no one was interested in. I don't what history lessons kids are being taught today but to make history interesting you definitely have to make it fun.