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Hi Welcome to the community. I think you should find that this is one of the friendliest groups around. I had never even thought about the demographics of the audience. I just enjoyed the top quality podcast, and the friendly chat. It was eye opening when we all met in London. I had sort of expected us all to be a fairly socially inept group of older males, but instead there was a great mix of age and gender almost all of whom were completely normal (if meeting in a pub and talking history is ever normal!) I've never understood why people focus on gender, to me it is mostly irrelevant; people are people and enjoy what they enjoy. I think that history is something we all start interested in, with kings, battles, castles, horses, drama etc, then school finds a special way to beat the interest out of us. If that hasn't completely killed the interest, the last sparks are usually put out in further/higher education. Kids just don't find it an easy  subject, and don't find it cool, and especially hate anything that seems old fashioned. Luckily I think that the spark can easily return. I was dreadful at history at school, but looking back that is actually because I had dreadful teachers and course materials. I spent years learning about seed drills and Newcommen engines and the distribution of coal, and why gin was the scourge of the Victorian poor. I was aware from my family trips that there were castles, kings, abbeys, navies, cannon etc, but those seemed to never, ever appear at school. I used to think it was that I didn't get history, but as I got older I realised that my history education was poor and stifling. So I have binged ever since; podcasts (History of Rome, Jamie, When Diplomacy Fails, The Ancient World, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History), visits, museums, books (anything from Roman history to naval history, to Papal history, to disease, warfare, Jared Diamond, Saul David, Keegan, Churchill etc).So hold out hope for your kids, when they hit 30-40 like us they might be normal history buffs too!