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Thanks, Chris and Jamie — I do actually feel welcome (was kind of kidding about not fitting in, was just kind of surprised to see all the introductions from students, given that I had very little interest in history back when I was a student, and this would probably have been the last place I would have been hanging out!  Of course the internet was a much smaller place back then…). Unfortunately, none of my kids listen to the podcast (they actually don't listen to any podcasts -- it's something I do to keep myself motivated to go on walks).  A few years ago, when I could cajole my eldest to go on walks with me, I used to regale her with stories of the Plantagenet kings, but that was apparently a temporary thing.  I've never been able to get any of them to read any history or historical fiction (they pretty much only read fantasy).  My two girls do seem interested in learning about history when someone tells them interesting stories or tidbits, and in school (depending...), so I'm sure they'd enjoy the podcast if it were imposed upon them in small doses  ;) but it's not something they'd seek out.