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Thought, I’d just drop you a line to explain what I mean by miniature wargames.The games I play are similar to the Games Workshop games you’ve probably seen (or even played) but use historically researched figures and rules. Personally, I never really got into 40K or Warhammer even though I started wargaming before either was produced!As you probably know Games Workshop (who make 40K) also make Warhammer. Well, they also had a subsidiary called Warhammer Historicals who made Warhammer Ancient Battles, a historical version of Warhammer. You easily recognise it as it has the same basic roll to hit, roll to save, roll for armour mechanism that Warhammer used. Unfortunately, Warhammer Historicals closed earlier this year! Luckily, a couple of other companies have taken up the baton and produced what are essentially new versions of Warhammer. The one I use is called War and Conquest and has LOTs of free army lists online. It’s made by the chap that used to run Warhammer Historicals. There are also lots of other rule sets, I’ve listed a few on my Web site. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to have my first game of Dux Britanniarvm. These rules are set in the early post Roman period and have Saxon raiders trying to take over from the established Brtish. The Saxons are more aggressive while the British have access to more defensive tactics (such as forming a Shieldwall). The authors of most of these rules agree that the early Saxons fought in a much looser formation because of the much smaller shields found in their graves. Such shields would have not been suitable for forming shieldwalls.If you are interested in seeing more of my armies please visit my web site And click on Early British to see my latest work.