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This is an interesting idea but where do you start to ask questions about this? I think I'd like to direct a couple of questions at the original hoard finder, Terry Herbert. I don't know if these are any good, just shooting some suggestions off the top of my head:1. What was running through your mind when came across the first find?2. How did you feel when you realised you have stumbled across one of the most important Anglo-Saxon discoveries of all time?3. What was the first item you found?4. What made you choose that specific farmland?5. Has finding the hoard changed the way you look for our buried past? 6. How have you been involved with the hoard since discovering it?There's also these:1. How many Anglo-Saxon treasures have been discovered across the British Isles?2. What is the significance of these treasures compared to others?3. Why are these types of hoards so rare?4. How long did the dig take? 5. How long are the restoration and research projects going to take? How much will it cost?6. Which historical and archaeological bodies have been involved? 7. Are you certain you have found everything?8. What is the conservation process for each item? How long does this take? What technology have you used to aid the restoration?9. What techniques do you use to clean and protect for future generations?10. What is the significance of this site? 11. Does it or any of the hoard items tell us anything about the people who were here 1500 years ago? 12. Have you learned anything new about the Anglo-Saxons as a result of the hoard? If so, do the history book need re-writing?13. How much of the hoard will be kept on display?I am sure there are better questions that can be asked, maybe other members could suggest something a little more challenging. You can also have a look at the official Staffordshire Hoard Website along with links to their associated Flickr galleries of the hoard items; there's some great photos here:1. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery Flickr Stream2. The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery Flickr Stream3. The Staffordshire Hoard Handlist Flickr Stream4. Portable Antiquities Flickr Stream