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So you have a hoard with high quality religious items as well as military items…in the same style and workmanship.  I get the battle plunder option that was discussed in the podcast and the religious items do look damaged as if torn off.  But it will be interesting to see what the experts say as to whether that was the case or whether some of the damage is plow caused…How close was the bishopric??  Sadly no maces were found, for I believe Germanus preferred that for some reason...need to check on that...but it is fascinating to me that the military and the religious are in a very similar style.Now it could be that these were all commissioned at the same workshop by the commissioner who was giving them out as gifts to the both a military leader and his clergy advisor...that could make sense..We’ll get more into it when we get to his story, but Penda allied with the Christian king of the British kingdom of Gwynedd, a man by the name of Cadwallon, to fight against the most powerful king in Britain... Edwin of Northumbria.  And they were victorious in battle at Hatfield Chase and Edwin was killed, and at some point Penda also had Edwin’s son and heir killed.  Following their victory, we’re told they went on to ravage Northumbria and it’s possible that the Mercians under Penda even burned down a church while they were up there.  Ok, now reading through this again, Jamie...what happened to Cadwallon???  Huh...died in of the last High King of banner and collors Red on me...but I kinda see a pattern here....but then I am just a simple country know...could be all would a High King, christian at that, dress himself for war?  Just asking...  ;-)Very cool Jamie...very cool.  And, yes, further proof why my career advisor lead me astray decades ago.  ;)