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Hoardcast Update.Hi all,Just to give you'll a update. Have heard back from the curators looking after the Hoard. They are all up to their eyeballs getting things ready for the big exhibition starting in July. That means we will not get access until end July. However, they are happy to work with us and allow us access to the experts to do a special Podcast on the Hoard.  This delay does have a silver lining.  The curators tell me that they have started research on the Hoard in ernest and are finding something new just about every day. Hopefully that means that we will be one of the first to get to hear about their findings and initial conclusions on those discoveries. How cool would that be?Thanks for all of the questions and keep them coming. Will keep you all in the loop but it is going to be late summer before we are ready to go live. All the bestRick.