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It's been a very long time since I took the SAT, but I can tell you what helped me with the Bar Exam.  While I was studying for it, I would take breaks with my classmates and we'd play hacky sack.  We did this every day.While I was taking the test (it's a 2 and a half day test) every break we got, I'd go outside and play hacky sack.  Many of my fellow test-takers were busy trying to cram more knowledge into their heads, but me and my little circle were just trying to relax.  In the end, we all passed the exam.I've often thought about it and I think the reason it helped was a two fold.  First, it was the same thing we did when we were studying, so it jogged our brains into the same mindset we had back then.  I don't have any hard facts to back it up, but I suspect that it helped with memory.  And second, it was totally disconnected from the test and that allowed us to relax and get that adrenalin to stop flowing.  Even if it was just for 10 minutes.I'm not sure if any of that will apply to the SAT, but I can tell you that I'm pretty sure that Hacky Sack was a major factor in me passing the Bar so maybe you should find something you can do on study breaks that you'll also be able to do during the test.  It doesn't have to be hacky sack.  It could be reading a trashy novel, or taking a walk, or meditating, or something.  I think it's just important to have a ritual that's disconnected from the test.  I wish I could offer you more than that.Good luck!