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Piece of interesting news… I'm presently working in a small town museum in Southern Alberta (Canada) for the summer, and as a bit of a summer project I'm putting together an exhibit on war brides from Great Britain mostly, but also 'Holland', France and Italy. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the term "War Bride" it basically includes women that traveled from Great Britain to Canada after (or in some cases before) they married Canadian military men from WWII (although the term also includes women from WWI, most have passed away... I should also note that war brides are not exclusive to Canada; there are American, Australian, and New Zealand War Brides too). Anyways, I get to interview one of the last war brides still alive in the small town I'm working in and create an exhibit outlining how the lives of war brides changed when they moved from urban 'modern' Great Britain to isolated and still relatively undeveloped Southern Alberta (many homes didn't have indoor plumbing, or gas/electric heating!)If anyone's interested in discussing war brides with me, just drop me a line!