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I am catching up on the various posts on the forum.  I am very impressed with you, Carol.  To have travelled as widely as you have and to have nearly published a book.  That is pretty amazing.  I believe strongly in the importance of knowing as much of the world as one can via travel.  I had two chances to study abroad (Sweden, for a summer in high school and Japan, for a semester in college).  I also worked in a study abroad office at my alma mater, Pomona College, for two years and helped students prepare for studying abroad.  After finally getting professionally and financially established several years ago, my husband and I have made a point of vacationing in Europe or some other country once a year.  I think it helps humble one to learn that other cultures see the world differently than at least most Americans seem to.  I find it sad that Oklahomans, at least, seem to regard foreign travel with skepticism.  They seem to think it makes one un- American to want to leave the US, on occasion.  I welcome the chance to see other countries.  Laura