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So I've been dealing with all sorts of family members being very ill lately.  But here's an update on the gross nature Kerouac's health.So he's old.  I don't think I've ever told you how old he is.  But since he's a rescue we can't say for certain but he is probably between 17-19.  Seriously.  So he's a little old man and has been with me for ages.  But lately he's been urinating in his sleep because he's been drinking too much water (we are worried it might be kidney trouble) so we decided to change his food due to the fact that it's high in sodium and maybe it was making him drink too much water for his little body to handle.I think it was the right choice regardless of what followed.  So...His system had a hell of a time adjusting to the new food (which is designed for sensitive systems... he's a formerly homeless dog with rather expensive food allergies).  I've had him for nearly a decade so I know him pretty well and I know when he isn't to be trusted at night.  And he had "I may have an accident" written all over him.  So I made him a bed in the bathroom (which has linoleum) gave him a night light, and tucked him in and went to bed.Fast forward to 6am.Mrs. British History Podcast "... Jamie?  Can you come down here please?  Kerouac has had an accident."On my way downstairs I hear some dry heaving, some commotion, and "No!  NO!  Not there!  Just stay still!"  More commotion.So I open the door and the first thing I see is Kerouac in the bathtub COVERED in sh#t.  And I take a moment to take it all in.  His bed is demolished, the floor has it smeared all over, it's splattered on the walls, and Mrs. British History Podcast is stood in the middle of this looking horrified, sleep deprived, and in shock.  And dry heaving.And this is the kind of person your podcast host is... I had a hell of a time not laughing upon seeing this.  ;)Anyway, so it turns out that it wasn't that bad when she first went into the bathroom.  But Kerouac saw her, knew he did wrong, and panicked.  So he ran to his bed, which is where he goes when he's in trouble, and laid down in his mess.  So Melissa said "No!" which spooked him and he jumped up and tried to relocate, which prompted another "no," and which point he was panicked and running around our bathroom, slipping and sliding around on his three legs.So we clean everything up and I take K to the vet since Melissa was late for work thanks to these events.  It turns out he had doggy C. Diff.  Which is basically the bacteria in his G.I. going into overdrive.  He's on meds now and is doing much better.  Though he's still a little mopey because he's been bathed multiple times a day for several days now.  Heh.  But there you go, that's the update on K.  And as for how we're holding up through all of this... we've been burning a lot of candles lately.  ;)