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Finally some footy love in the polls!  My husband played footy for a few seasons here in the US (on a local team) and people still just give us that blank stare of “WTF is footy?”  It's a quick trip to the ER if you're not prepared is what!  (True story: we were on a cruise to Alaska during the AFL Grand Final and he went to all the bars on the ship begging to get them to tune it to a channel showing the match.  No luck.  The fellow in the cabin next to us, however, was getting score updates and would holler them over the balcony to us.  Of all the people on the ship, they put the two footy fans together.  What luck!)Anyways, we haven't a favorite team in the AFL - he loves them all and just wants to watch them NOT at 2:00 in the morning.  :)