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Manny packing up and leaving...  I was so relieved when he got to the shop and Jimmy was hurt.  I thought for sure he was going to go jump off a bridge or something like that.

Similar thoughts here, except I thought he was simply running away from all of his problems instead of facing up to them. I don't think he was going to kill himself because he packed his suitcase. His brother having the accident certainly brought him back to reality and the responsibilities he has as a father. Also, the accident not only brought Manny and Bernie closer together but also Jimmy too.

Self absorption is normal in children and adolescents.  Some say that overcoming self absorption is the definition of attaining adulthood.  Who grew up more?  Bernie?  His dad?I enjoyed the movie immensely and will recommend it to others.

Very true, although I am sure there are many self-absorbed adults as well. I think both Manny and Bernie experienced something special and it wasn't just about a boy growing up into a man and father overcoming his fears but also along the lines of realizing what they were both missing in their lives and that was the relationship they should be sharing with each other as father and son. Yes, in the literal sense Bernie became a man that day but also I'd like to think that, conversely, Manny also remembered what it was like to have a bit childish fun too.